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The League will be made up of 14 teams maximum in two 7 team divisions maximum. No fewer than 10 and no more than 26 players (with 5 players on IR) on a roster. Players consisting of QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DST and a Flex (either RB, WR or TE).

Each team starts 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DST. Inability to start the minimum will result in a forfeit. The League will be governed by a Commissioner. The Commissioner will have the authority to rule on any and all disputes. The Commsioner will also have the authority to make any decision necessary - regardless of any previous rules or decisions, written or otherwise - to preserve the health and integrity of the league.

The teams will be built through the use of an Annual Draft.


All owners must alert the league of his/hers next season intensions by at least AUGUST 1ST. All rosters must be turned in at least ONE WEEK before the draft. Failure to do this will result in the release of all unrestricted free agents left on your roster.

All teams MUST BE PRESENT whether it be you or someone to help you out (unforseen circumstances the day of the draft will be considered). Money is due on draft day no excuses! Each team will be given a Salary Cap of $320. Owners can use this budget to bid on players nominated in reverse order of stading from the previous season. The nomination of a player by an Owner constitutes a minimum bid of $1 by that Owner. If there are no subsequent bids higher than $1, the Owner who nominated the player then owns that player and $1 is deducted from that owner’s Salary Cap budget. The minimum value for a player is $1. The maximum value for a player is determined entirely by the market of Owners. An Owner can spend as much Salary Cap money on any one player as the Owner chooses to. However, each Owner must be able to begin each remaining round of the auction with the ability to nominate/acquire at least one player with the minimum bid of $1. The Auction will continue until all rosters are filled. An owner may continue to bid for players until such time as he has exhausted his Salary Cap budget and has acquired 17 players. An owner must have an available spot for any nominated player. Players may be traded before and after but not during the draft.

Eaceh team must draft

2 QBs, 4 RBs, 4 WRs, 2 TEs, 2 Ks, 2 DTs, 1 Misc


Players can be aquired through weekly waiver claims. Once the first game has been played teams may claim a player but will not be awarded that player until the following Wednesday morning, at that time the lowest ranked team will have first opportunity to claim players with multiple claims. After the waiver wire has been processed players can be picked up at will. All players added through the waiver wire process and the "add drop" process will have a starting contract of $5. Players can also be aquired by Trade. Trades can be made by anyone at any time during the season. All trades will be accepted unless deemed 100% unfair and damaging to the integrity of the league.

AMENDED 2006: Franchises may not Trade players for cap money or draft status.
AMENDED 2006: You may not trade a player for LOAN.
AMENDED 2009: Rosters must fall below the in season salary cap of $370
AMENDED 2011: Players of exceptional league value may NOT be released.


Teams will also be developed over consecutive seasons with the option to retain players acquired in a previous year. There is no limit to how many players you are allowed to keep as long as they fall into the cap restrictions of $320 on Draft Day or $370 In-Season cap. Players after the first year on your team will have to be given their outright release or a contract extension. The contract extension will cost the owner five dollars per year and cost no more than $290. Once the contract is established it’s lasting until finished or unless the player is given his outright release at a penalty. The penalty for releasing a player under contract is the full amount against next seasons cap unless the player is out for the year (50% of the Players salary). If the player retires you may release the player at no cost to your cap the following season. Contract may not be renogotiated after being traded. Any franchise trading for a player under contract assumes the responsibility of that contract.
AMENDED 2011: A player may be resigned based on our new escelation extension method. Any player in the first year with a team may be signed on a season by season basis. At a cost of $5 for the first year the cost of resigning the player will double every year. Once a player has been resigned with this method they will be ineligble for the long term method.

AMENDED 2012: If a contracted player is not on a team or out for the year you may drop him at 50% of his contract value.
AMENDED 2012 Mid-Season: Any expiring long term deal may be renegotiated at 2x the contract price.


Each team will participate in a thirteen week round robin schedule generated by the sportsline website once the divisions have been established. The last week before the bye weeks start we will each play two games so that our leagues will finish on NFL week 16. Each division winner will recieve a first round playoff bye. Second and Third place in each division will play eachother in the first round and the winners playing the division winner in the second round. Each winner will then play on to the League Superbowl and each loser will face off for third and fourth place.


Our scoring system can be found on cbs.sportsline.com under Rules. All games resulting in a tie will be determined by complete team score.


$150.00 entrance fee do be paid at draft day. Includes all transactions. $150 includes the cost of the league which will be deducted when determining the payouts.


The Payouts are based on a pool of $150 x amount of entrants -$140 sportsline.com league cost.

1st Place 50%
2nd Place 34%
3rd Place 16%

AMENDED 2007: $25.00 will be given to the owners of the season award winners.


he pool has been discontinued when sportline updated their new software in 2009


All teams not making the playoffs will be placed in a Bracketed Tournament seeded by season record and points. The winner of this tournamt will receive $125